17th to 23th Decemeber

Julia focused within her first three blog posts on planned obsolescence. In the first one she explained the problem, in the second post she demonstrated the consequences and in the third she presented alternatives and people who are willing to change something. In her recent post she switched to the mobile phone industry. The post deals with security issues and our possibilities to defend our privacy rights.  In her coming post she will concentrate on the music sector. There will be a discussion on free music downloading in the internet- robbery or Support of Artists? Do you buy music?

Itai researched how the big coffee retail players adapted their marketing strategies to the Christmas spirits. He compares between the different advertisements, cash paybacks and limited edition out there, showing us how dynamic the coffee industry is during the holidays.

In the next coming weeks Itai will to find the new and hottest marketing and business strategies for 2013 and see how they developed through time.

Sara wrote about chocolate business related to plantations in Latin America. She focused on the company “Rausch-Plantagenschokolade” which is a German company that imports chocolate especially from developing countries. This post refers to her former ones in the way that she also talks about social issues because Rausch supports local farmers in developing countries by cooperating with local institutions and giving farmers a higher income than usual. Also its chocolate has a very good quality which is a key element of its success. This topic relates business with ethical chocolate business in developing countries which Sara found out by reading quotes of experts and the CEO of the company.

Next week she will dig deeper into this business, its efficient model and analyze more why it can be that successful. Therefore she will enlarge her research next week.

Max pointed out negative sides of Red Bulls extreme Marketing with giving several opinions of experts. While some people think Red Bulls marketing is simple not from this world others belief that Red Bull “went to far”. Max pointed out pros and cons, concluded and gave his own opinion.

Melanie´s last post was titled the Enterprise Mobility Revolution. It included a definition and explanation of the term “Enterprise Mobility”. In her last blog posts she shifted her topics from permanent availability to mobility, everything set into a business context.
While her posts about availability treated the dangers and negative effects of the pressure to be on line 24/7 for managers she is now focusing on a new business model which is called Enterprise mobility. It means that a company´s employees can work from
anywhere, anytime on anything via their mobile phones. There are many enterprise mobility softwares and solutions offered by different providers, which will be introduced in her next blog.

During her research for all the different blog she noticed that it is easiest and most informative for her to read other peoples blogs who treat similar fields. Also, watching YouTube Videos can be very helpful to get a light overview and make the entry to that topic easier. Moreover many bloggers provide the reader with their sources which can help you to dig deeper. Her writing style changed as well. From a very personal, dramatic point of view with just a few sources in the beginning on to a more professional and serious blog. Furthermore, she finally started to uses paragraphs instead of writing a gigantic text-block-monster.

Antje finally found her topic: Social media and politics! First she started off with social media marketing; however out of necessity she once again  had to slightly switch her subject. Why now the political site of social media? Exploring social media from a political perspective suits both the blogposting and at the same time helps to her research and getting started with  essay in Regional studies. To sum it up: In her next posts Antje is going to explore the transformative power of social media on society with focus on the middle east and Asia.

Week 2

Julie – last week i did the second part on planned obsolescence and outlined the consequences in the world, for next week I plan to do a report on warner philips Lemnis lighting

Max I posted again about Reb Bull but this time in particular about the Markting Lessons of  the Stratos Project.

Itai – How To Make Money? Nespresso as an example.

Sara – Last week I talked about poverty in Latin America and contrasted two reports about the most  recent years: one about the declining rate of poverty and the other one about the reality and social problems that still exist.

Melanie – The second post is proposing strategys to prevent executives from losing focus and lowering the quality of their work due to permanent availability.

Timur –  In my last post I wrote about what leadership is about and also treated the gender issue.  I am going to write my next post about different kinds of marketing. I will focus on different marketing activities such as viral marketing and guerilla marketing.


Week 1

Annie – Basic Media marketing – Based on Douglas Lim.

Julie – Introduction to Planned Obsolescence.

Max – Changes in Working Societies – Material things become less important for young people while social responsibility and life quality are getting more important.

Itai – Health & Coffee – What do latest studies say about drinking coffee and how it affects our health?

Sara – The PRADICAN Project – an EU financed program dealing with drug issues in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Timur – Safety of Personal User Data Concerning Web Services/Social Networks – These services are also used by government and enterprises to pursue their interests. Facebook and Google are in the limelight this time. Does (inter)national intelligence have an own interface for these services to access user data?

Melanie – Pressure of Permanent Availability For Persons in Leading Positions. I tried to point out that this Information Technology helps managers a lot but can also distract from the actual task. The always-online-mode includes the danger of losing yourself by trying to solve every single problem. In my next post I will try to give advice to find the proper way in the middle and give hints to relieve from this pressure.


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