Ho Ho Ho, Merry Purchase


Holliday seasons have always been a great motivation to spend a bit more than we usually tend to: for family, friends and most importantly, some would say, for ourselves. As if we actually needed extra motivation to fill in our holiday carts, companies like Tasimo makes extra efforts to remind us, with a fresh and Christmassy new commercial presenting their new coffee machine.
The the5marketeers, a strategic brand management blog for coffee lovers,reports that as a response to Tasmio, Philips and Nescaffe offers cashbacks up to €100 on purchasing the Senseo or the Lattisima machines.


On the other side of the coffee retail map, stands Starbucks and Nespresso which surprise with their brand new Christmas coffee flavors. Starbucks with the Geisha, a hard-to-grow premium bean, for no less than $7 per cup and $40 for half a pound bag. The Time reports, that this decision is the next step in Starbuck’s marketing strategy – convincing the costumer that a cup of coffee, which used to be sold for less than $1 is actually worth much more.

Moreover, they report this strategy is not just unique to Starbucks, but rather a process in the fast food industry today, offering

premium products to compete with the casual restaurants. Jack Russo, an expert in the industry, claims these premium product are aimed to a specific cut of the population, rather than, who has no problems to spend more money on high quality products. This previous post elaborates more about trends of premium product. If you belong to the group of people who believe this is an outrageous move of Starbucks, perhaps you should watch Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, more often: “Although while it’s ridiculous to spend $7 on a cup of coffee, it’s not that much more ridiculous than spending $4 on a cup of coffee.”

In order to keep with the competition, the5marketeers posted Nespresso pulled out of their sleeves 3 new tastes especially for the Christmas holidays: Coconut, Hazelnut and Macadamia Nut. Hazelnut, which can also be tried in one of the Nespresso boutique stores around your area.

As Starbucks wished us recently: The holiday drinks are here, so have fun!