What is Fair Nowadays?

How “Fair” is Fair-Trade? New Facts & Several Tips

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Rewarding workers in developing countries by better paid salaries, better and safer working conditions, prohibiting child-labor, developing communities and creating a sustainable environment – all these are the goals of ‘Fair Trade International’, the biggest fair trade organization in the world today, which can be found on their official website.

Sounds almost perfect, doesn’t it? Recent blog experts will claim the different.

‘Fair World Project’, a relatively small fair trade organization in the USA, recently separated from the large and known “Fair Trade International”, claiming it to be

anything but ‘fair’. Experts, involved in the fair trade world, supports recent act and adds that farmers continue to work many hours a day, their salary hasn’t increased by a large percentage and that the majority of revenues from the final product goes to the corporation rather than to the people who need it.

Fair Trade has started as a great movement, helping the ones who need your help, creating a better and (a more) fair world, as you could see this on FTI’s video.

In my opinion, in order to understand how to participate in this movement, share their goals and continuing supporting farmers in developing counties, you should understand the differences between the different “fair” companies in the market – ‘Fair For Life’‘Fair Trade Federation’‘Fair Trade Proof’ are just some examples of trustworthy organizations, mentioned in several blogs, which will use your money and transfer it to the right purposes as you’ve intended.