The Greatest Addiction Ever


Has it ever happened that you woke up in the morning, had a long look at the mirror and told yourself in the most honest yet shameful way – I’m an addict!?

First of all, let me try and calm you down – breathe deeply and DON’T PANIC!

Studies show, that not all addictions are dangerous, on the contrary – some of them are actually healthy! Just check this Youtube video out here.

This video speaks to many of our coffee loving and caffeine consuming hearts.

The creator of this video claims that coffee consuming is one of the actual reasons of ‘the enlightenment’. During the 17th century people switched their drinking habits from Beer and Gin (which was consumed more than water!), to coffee. He continues and says that in those times of an ‘intellectual boom’ Benjamin Franklin and Edward Lloyd were coffee addicts just like us students and for the same well worthy reasons – coffee keeps us concentrated through tough times and is the fuel of the modern world. It is the most used psycho-active drug, increasing memory functions, decreases fatigue and has medical advantages such as protection from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and Parkinson. The best thing about it, unlike other addictions you might have, coffee has actually no disadvantages or medical risks yet to be proven, except maybe coloring your teeth in yellow.

If this hasn’t yet made you feel better with yourself, try and look at the half full side of the coffee mug – there are millions of people addicted to bizarre things: tanning, nasal sprays, ice-cube cracking and even to reading! Just check out this fascinating link over here!

So next time you wake up in the morning with a need to self-critic and to give yourself a hard time, go and have a sip of nice warm coffee and give yourself a small, tasty and healthy break!