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Aloha people out there!
I´m Melanie, born sometime around Christmas 1991, and am a International Business Management (IBMAN) Student at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Besides University my hobbies are Sports, recently blogging, reading, traveling and always trying to organize my life!
My posts will treat topics like Management Skills, Information Technology and everything else that comes up to my mind!
Being a blogbuster means for me to finally have a platform to share my thoughts and to find out what my coursemate`s minds are about!

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I am a 20 years old Business student at HWR. I put my emphasis on the economy of Latin America because I have already been there and seen the great economic potential. There are many possibilities to do business in the future which I will show in my blogs as well as disadvantages a

nd advantages of this development.  How can this process also influence me as a current student? Do I also profit from this?

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Antje alias Pikantje van Antje is a BlogBuster because she is passionate about social media marketing. This passion developed partly because of her current work requirements, partly due to her studies in the field of business and interest in writing. She is a 23-year-old business student at BSEL who envisions to dig deeper into the field of social media marketing and explore what is out there to be explored…

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I’m 20 years old and I originally come from Leipzig.

I did my A-Levels in combination with learning the profession of a hotel clerk at the HOGA Schloss Albrechtsberg in Dresden. Currently I am studying “International Business-Management” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. The studies help me to deepen interests in Fin

ance and Accouting.

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Mind Mapper:


I’m Timur.

I have a quite broad field of interest which means that I will not force all my posts in one direction but rather pick up current topics that interest/affect me and research them.

I am interested in national and international economics and politics and how both influence each other and also the third, certainly not least powerful force – the media.

Generally I can say that I like to be investigative. I like to have a look behind the scenes of the mass media, common belief and doctrine.

Our modern society is advanced but only in height not in depth.

Step out of the queue – think differently!

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My name is Julia Schmitjans and I was born on 29.09.1991. I love playing saxophone and music in general. I’m addicted to travelling,

I always have wanderlust. Fell in love with the Spanish language and Latin-American culture!

I am a Blogbuster because…

I am young, a freethinker and want to find out more about the world.

My goal/vision: enlarge my knowledge about innovative ideas, business models and sustainable technologies. Use the time for research exploring those things I always wanted to know more about and become an expert. This blog should not only be a to do task in university but should help me personally finding myself, exploring the things I am interested in and help me concentrating to define my future goals.

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My name is Itai, 23 year old from Tel-Aviv.After 3 years of army service in Israel, I began studying International Business Management at the University of Economics and Law in Berlin.
If you notice coffee related topics on our blog – you’re probably reading my pos

ts!Hope you learned something new.

Wanna know more about Itai? Check his about.me!


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