Is it okay to stick at nothing for success?

The last two weeks I focused on Red Bull and it’s marketing. While I described Red Bulls marketing in general two weeks ago I pointed out three things to learn for Red Bulls Stratus Project last week.

Red Bull Gives You Wings

When most of the people think of Red Bull they see an energy drink, bulls, football clubs or sport events in front of their eyes. The image of the company is absolutely related to extreme sports. Therefore the well-known slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” fits perfectly. Experts categorize Red Bulls marketing as extreme marketing. But doesn’t extreme mean that there have to be victims?
Hermann Strittmatter, founder of the agency GGK Zurich, Red Bulls extreme marketing has obviously taken victims. The first one was Eli Thompson, who died when he crashed into a mountain with a wing suit. The purpose of his was of course, to produce a Red Bull movie. The second victim was Ueli Gegenschatz who died when his Red Bull sponsored BASE jump in Switzerland was not successful.
He argues that: “The accidents are results of the perversions of event marketing. This time Red Bull went too far”. The Swiss magazine accuses Red Bull to have a marketing strategy of “Break a leg”. Overall, Strittmeier beliefs that “Red Bull acts irresponsible.”

“The risk is obvious”

On the other hand, globali who left a comment on insits, that “every one who does extreme sports knows the risk”. According to him, “an accident like the one of Gegenschatz would not have gotten that much attention if Red Bull did not sponsor it.” He thinks that everyone who does extreme sports and finds a sponsor like Red Bull is lucky because “he does not have to pay for mobility and material.”

“Everyone is responsible for his own life”

My own view is that, while it is true that Red Bulls marketing strategy should be observed very critically, everyone is responsible for his own life. Red Bull does not force anyone to jump out of a plane if he or she does not want that. In sum, I would argue that we cannot blame Red Bull for the death of these two guys even it is very sad. They made the decision to jump and they knew which consequences could result.

5 thoughts on “Is it okay to stick at nothing for success?

  1. Hey mstengl,

    good work! I share your opinion here. Due to the fact that Red Bull probably examines the sportsmen/sportswomen a lot beforehand they make sure that they are capable of what they are going to perform. It’s tragic what can happen, but as you said it is the decision of the person who jumps – Red Bull just provides the “platform”.

  2. Dear mstengl,

    Since I’m writing these days about marketing strategies in the Christmas holidays, I was really happy to read more about marketing strategies in other business fields.
    – really cool!

    “Experts categorize Red Bulls marketing as extreme marketing.” I would love to hear more from these experts – what exactly is it that they say? who are these experts? In what way is it so extreme?

    I agree with you, when you write that every individual should take responsibility over his life – any idea what were the security measurements that RedBull took in order to prevent such cases? Did this accident effect their reputation by any case?

    Before I forget – I found another way that RedBull uses marketing, but this time in a more academic kind of way.

    On this website RedBull is offering really amazing internships and job opportunities – maybe you’d be interested.

  3. hey Max,
    again about Red Bull :-).I can definitely see your interest in this company which makes your post very personal. First I did not get your headline, but after googling it and finding the translation I understand what you meant “über Leichen gehen”.
    This really fits to what you then write about: people who were doing advertisement for Red Bull but actually did not survive this or suffer from this. I like how you contrast the two opinions pro and contra extreme marketing. This shows me that you tried to follow the literature review by refering to current debates about Red Bull’s marketing.In the end you wrote your own opinion by actually evaluating the former opinions. I really appreciate how your post matches the former posts because in your former posts you were talking about all the great things of Red Bull and I got the feeling that Red Bull must be a perfect company. Enlightening also about the negative facts shows me that you really tried to take a look at Red Bull from different perspectives. Great, you really digged very deep into your topic and developed it well over the last couple of weeks 🙂
    I tried to research more about your topic and typed in “victims of Red Bull advertisement” into Google search and actually found sth that is not directly related to your topic but also to the overall point “victims of Red Bull”. It is about how people died after drinking Red Bull. Maybe this could be a topic for your next post since it also fits to your image “Red Bull gives you wings”.

  4. Heey Max! I like the way you concentrate on one single company during your posts. It helps to really dig in deeper into the topic and show the different perspectives of a company. The good sides AND the negatives. Especially this blogposts follows the litarature review, in which you point out two different opinions on a topic PLUS your own, nicely developed!!
    What would interest me personally is the convincibility of Red Bull as Sport brand. Of course its an energizer, but you cant really say that red bull is a healthy drink. According to several articles for example this one:
    Red Bull can even lead to a cardiac infarction. A discussion on how trustful is RedBulls campaign would be really interesting in my opinion, maybe you can include this to your next post?
    Cheers, Jules

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