Green EnLIGHTenment- Ambitious entrepreneurs fight in the economic revolution of the 21st century

Enough about bad news, depressing topics and E-waste. My first two blog posts were just the beginning:Draw your attention on a topic, which is most of the time ignored by consumers and hidden by business men and women-planned obsolescence

But as always in history, there comes the point when people have to make a change, rethink old standards and reconstruct old products, its time for revolution!

There is a change.

Together with his partner Frans Otten, Warner Philips founded Lemnis Lighting, a subsidiary of Tendris Holding. A green StartUp company with the following philosophy:

Transition from current wasteful lighting solutions towards energy efficient alternatives without making concessions on customer needs

They produce the  Pharox LED lamp which saves up to 85% of  energy compared to normal light bulbs, by having the same bright and warm light. Another clue: the Parox Solar Kit. Using the sun as energy provider, this lamp enables you to not only have up to 45 hours of light but also to charge your mobile phone, iPod or whatever with the built-in USB connection.

Watch “The world in a different light” for a detailed look on Lemnis Lights philosophy and its projects.

As future business men and women, we must rethink, rebuilt and change, old fashioned business- and production models. This is the clear message of the mother of green StartUps, Tendris Holding. Located in the Netherlands, this company supports projects and entrepreneurs with their new, sustainable business models.

United we are strong

Projects like forum for the future or the german project Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft show that Tendris Holding and Lemnis Lights wont fight alone in the economic Revolution of the 21st century.  They include Blogs like the one of Jonathon Porritt, to spread the word of new ideas and ways to make the world a little better.

Are you in the fight?


5 thoughts on “Green EnLIGHTenment- Ambitious entrepreneurs fight in the economic revolution of the 21st century

  1. Hi Julia, I follow your blogposts with quite big interest. This weekend my high tech laser printer broke, indeed, two weeks after the guarantee ended. When my dad said something about the famous german word “Sollbruchstelle” I immediately felt reminded of you. And I think, that´s the evidence that your blogs are just right, because they stuck to its´ readers brains. I really liked the headline of your E-Waste hell article and also the fact that you really did well researching according to your sources and links. Moreover, I had the pleasure to see your working-style. I admire your straightforwarded research and the way you make little notes while searching. And how you combine them on your paper in the end is the key to your success, I guess! To put it all in a nutshell: It´s a great topic, your researching is excellent, sometimes the use of authoring phrases could be improved, but all in all, Go with your FLOW =)

  2. Jula, interesting post! I’ve found the notes I’ve been talking about. The documentary I saw on ARTE was about the “Wachstumsverweigerer”, a group of people refusing infinite growth and consumption. I think they also run the Repair Cafés in Amsterdam. And as far as I remember they also mentioned Bristol Pound, a complete ecological town in Great Britan. Maybe that’s interesting for you.

  3. Ambitious entrepreneurship – no doubt creating the path for the future! Nice to know the world is on the path for a better place.

    I was really interested in reading about charging my Smartphone by sun energy – no need to take my cable everywhere I go!

    I would love to see more reporting verbs in your post, for example: Forum Of The Future report that 85% saving light bulbs is only the begining, …. – or something in that direction. I suppose this is a matter of writing style as well, so that’s just mine.

    Would love to read more about how the world will look in the future, which kind of innovation will create our world to a nicer place to live in, and perhaps what business you can do from it.

  4. Hey Julia,
    I was already a big fan of your first posts and actually asking myself what we could do against planned obsolescence. Great that you tried to find solutions in this post. This gives me the feeling that we still have the chance to make a change. You also create the feeling of a union of poeple who are fighting against planned obsolescence. I hope you will dig deeper into this topic and find more solutions to it since I am also facing this problem e.g. with my laptop whose hard drive broke only after one year.

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