“That awkward moment when you realize an energy drink has a better space programme than your nation”

Exactly one week ago Sebastian Vettel won his 3rd Formula 1 world championship title in Sao Paulo. After one of the most exiting races in history he reached the finish line as the 6th car and ruined Fernando Alonso dream of still winning the championship somehow. But instead of being enthusiastic of Vettels three titles in a row some competitors only treat Vettel with respect. But why? The answer is pretty simple and equal to many other situations in life: Money. Vettels team RED BULL has the highest seasonal budget and therefore the best team and technology.

This is just another great picture that illustrates the marking of the Energy Drink seller Red Bull. A company that has nothing to do with racing wins the most important Formula in the world. Another example is Red Bulls latest coup that caught the words attention: Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump. A guy jumps from the edge of the world for scientific reasons and an Energy Drink seller sponsored all of that. A tweet described it as “That awkward moment when you realize an energy drink has a better space programme than your nation.”

Vettel Gangnam Style

Vettel Gangnam Style

An Air Race without Red Bull signs? Impossible.

But what can we learn from Red Bulls obviously great Stratos-Project- Marketing? For Nicola Kemp, a professional blogger on marketingmagazine.co.uk, the first lesson is the final purpose: “Red Bull Stratos has not only underlined the brand’s authentic link to extreme sport and innovation, it has also provided its employees with a motivation bigger than selling sugar water (or energy drinks for that matter) for the rest of their lives.” People built connections between extreme sport and Red Bull in their heads. An Air Race without Red Bull signs? Impossible.

Her second derivation from the Stratos Project is that companies should not only look on their own advantages but even more on societies fortune. The projects purpose was, besides the marketing factor, to deliver important data for scientists and NASA. People like that and it makes a company look trustworthy.

Felix' Baumgartners Space Jump

Felix’ Baumgartners Space Jump

“The message is clear: to be truly great, brands must transcend ROI”

Point Number three: Take a stab back. Nicola Kemp beliefs that the Energy Drink producer didn’t want the event to look like a marketing event: “In fact, Red Bull itself has blocked agencies involved in the project from talking to the press because it doesn’t want the event to be viewed as a marketing stunt.” James Kirkham, managing partner at Holler, insisted that for some people the event created something like an “I was there moment”. This is great for the company and without being totally presented as the initiator of everything people built a likeable connection to Red Bull. For Nicola Kemp: ”The message is clear: to be truly great, brands must transcend ROI”.

Overall we can conclude that Red Bull taught the world another great marketing lesson. The Red Bull Stratos project pushed marketing innovation forward into another dimension. From today on, marketing is not only supporting aids research and social projects; it’s also delivering space jump data to the NASA.


2 thoughts on ““That awkward moment when you realize an energy drink has a better space programme than your nation”

  1. RedBull again – always nice reading about one of the strongest marketing using companies in the market. Fromula1, flights to the moon – lovely example of the marketing RedBull uses!

    Have you heard about the annual flight competition RedBull organized in Moscow and in San Francisco? You could check this cool video out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoNashOM3x4

    In future posts I would like to see more links to expert bloggers, just like you did with marketingmagazine.co.uk. Gives a feeling that you really know what you’re talking about! Perhaps more reporting verbs telling us what the experts say about RedBull and marketing.

    A comment I found weird was that RedBull, the almight marketing using company, blocked reporters from one of their activities. I would love to read more about this – why they did so? because after all, they are a revenue making business!

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