Welcome to E-Waste-Hell- Did you enjoy your products?

Hello everybody!!

This is the second chapter of my planned obsolescence report.If you missed my last blog post just click here or watch this video for a quick introduction on what planned obsolescence is all about.

What problems does planned obsolescence cause?

Living in an industrialized country means that you dont have to do a lot with your own produced waste. We feel good because we separate our waste “comme il faut” , bring our old clothes to the used clothes collection and our E-Waste? Bring it to a special recyclable fraction dump ( unfortunately most people throw their old mobile phones in the normal dump anyways)  say “hasta la vista”and bye bye and get into a line in front of the next apple store to wait for the new iphone5.

If you want to see what happens with most of the E-waste from Europe, Australia and the U.S. watch this video or click on the report of last week.

Africa- the new worlds dump?

Looking at all these pictures from Ghana it seems to be the dirty truth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But what do laws and governments do against this?

According to the laws manifested on the Basel Convention in 1989 it is forbidden to export hazardous waste from the euro zone without permission. So how does the waste go to Ghana if its illegal? The waste traders mark the electronic waste as 2nd hand products. Ghana has not yet published a law which forbids the import of such waste.  As stated by environmental journalist Mike Anane and head of the Environmental Protection Agency Ghana Lambert Faabeluon

80% of the waste sent to Ghana is irreparable

What can be done against this?

As a normal consumer it is hard to change something or get involved directly. Politicians of all relevant counties must work together, change laws and make people obey them. What we as future business men have to do is concentrate on sustainable production. The big amount of waste will be a future issue and we have to fight against this. The idea of planned obsolescence is old fashioned and arose from a time in which sustainability was a foreign word.

Business models like the ones of Warner Philips are the ones we should get inspired from.

Future Business men must not only think in profits, but  in how to make profits respecting natural limits and resources.

For those of you who want more information, check what Greenpeace wrote on this topic!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to E-Waste-Hell- Did you enjoy your products?

  1. Hej,
    I just recently watched a documentary about a community of people that oppose the infinite growth and that work actively against obsolesence. Thought about you and even took notes, but now I can’t find my notes anymore!!!! I I promise as soon as I find them I’ll let you know…

  2. Great post, I’m rally interested in your subject and what you are going to dig up next! Fantastic heading “Welcome to E-Waste-Hell- Did you enjoy your products?”; it’s provocative, informative and you pose a question! Larissa would be proud =p Same holds for the subheadings. Cool, that you experiment with the slide show. The pictures themselves are already very strong and expressive; I my opinion they get lost in that big grey frame, especially the small one. I would have liked to read more about Warner Phillips business model and possible solutions instead of a link. Maybe the topic of your next post?

  3. Hey Antje!! Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I actually planned another post on alternative ways like the one Warner Philips introduced. And even more interesting: Are these alternative production models really sustainable or just a marketing clue? I want to find more opinions and examples on this topic! Regarding the slide show: It was the first try and I didn’t know that there would be this grey background, but I agree, should change this for the next post!!

  4. Hey Julia,
    I always appreciate your visuals because they fit to the topic. That you made this slideshow really impressed me 🙂 It is also good to focus more on a specific topic and dig deeper into it from week to week. I already liked your post last week and noticed how you developed this topic better this week and how you gave more details. I really can see your passion for this topic.
    Maybe you could use more visuals if you e.g. refering to a model like the business model of Warner Philipps. But you are probably going to do this in your next post?

    It is

  5. Hey Julia, very interesting post! You got me excited from the beginning on, through speech and slideshow you provided a shocking insight on how the first world’s luxurious lifestyle affects poorer countries and how companies such as Philips are trying to adjust their business to this issue. Would be interesting to find out if this is just a marketing farce or not! Also, you hooked up the reader to some relevant sources in case one wants to dig deeper. Maybe you could implement more keywords next time, for instance in the headline and the subheadings. Keep it up, girl!

  6. Hey Julie,

    Interesting topic – never actually thought about what happens to my e-waste after I use it, probably wouldn’t have unless read your article – so thanks!

    Was very nice to read the post, aesthetically looking, built into nice pharagraphs and many videos and links to enrich our knowledge. However, I would be interested to read more information in the text itself than going to other resources – I’ll explain.
    You spoke about business models we should get inspiration. I would have loved straight after that to get a short summary of what this guy actually did, than to go to an article and read the whole thing.

    But all in all, great job – hope to read more about this!

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