A Chai Latte with Larissa

A professional blogbuster tells us the secrets of blogging (Part 1)

In my desperate search for know-how about social media marketing I met Larissa last Friday at Café Geschmacklos. This young lady, as gorgeous as Marilyn Monroe, blogging for the independent fashion blogzine Designers Mag! , Berlin Stirred Up   and Ebuero, is an expert when it comes to designing great blog posts. Asking her whether I can publish her tips on blogbusters, her eyes start to shine and she  just said:

” The coffee was as black as the black soul of the music…” and we both brought in laughter, because as she explained, she just came from work and her brain is still in the author-mode. So we got right into the subject:

How to write a good post! Larissa’s advice:

The style is essential to to get and keep your readers attention. Keep in mind that the first sentences are most important because they will decide whether the reader is going to continue reading or zap on. In order to CATCH your bait, try to

  • Keep your sentences short
  • use homour
  • be contovers
  • be clear and concise
  • give advice
  • and pose questions

The more advanced blogger with professional authoring ambitions might try to use metaphors, alliterations, parallelisms and of course story telling where appropriate with regard to the target audience. Building a frame around your content , for instance, starting off with a metaphor in the beginning of the post and closing the post with the same metaphor would be a frame, that both proofs your professional writing skills as well as your witness. And that’s what we want to be as blogbusters, right? Professional, witty and smart.

Reading in the Web differs from Print

A good post according to Larissa must have a minimum of 350 words but no more than 500, because reading online differs from reading print. She continuous that subheadings are of enormous importance since the reader will first scan the post for keywords before reading extensively. At last but not at least the use of carefully chosen images is a great tool to catch your reader’s attention,  make them read your post and helping them to remember it.

Talking about images, there is always the copyright issue*. Of course you can make your own pictures, but very often they do not look as professional so Larissa recommends to use Flickr and, I add,  Compfight** which are both sides where can legally and for free obtain images for noncommercial use made by professionals.

The next post will be part 2 of the interview with Larissa about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Thank you for reading and until next saturday!

* Very important topic. I am going to reserve a post about how use images legally

** Compfight has even a WordPress Plugin

4 thoughts on “A Chai Latte with Larissa

  1. Hey Antje! Love your post, this is really good help for us as future bloggers. Especially the part regarding the use of photos is very interesting, didnt know that. I for myself always saved images I found through google search, should probably change that. Further I like the way you listed the most important impacts on blogging, gives a good overview. What you should think about for your next blog: This topic is important for all IBMAN students, but not necessarily for the rest of the people reading our blog, maybe you could insert some information that would also be interesting for people, who are not blogging at the moment?
    Looking forward to your next blog post!!
    Cheers, Julia

  2. Hey Annie! I totally agree with Julia, you wrote a great post!
    While Julia thinks you should include include information for “everyone” my opinion is that an interview with Larissa could be really interesting! I mean, if you explain what she is doing and why she is successful it will be interesting for sure!
    Overall, what I liked most about your post is that you gave a forecast about what your going to blog about next week!
    That really increased my motivation to read your next post!


  3. Hey Annie,
    I also agree with the others that your post is really good because you showed us useful tips that we all might use in our next blog post. I think that it is not easy to write a very good post if you have never done it before. But with your tips I now have a better impression of how it should be and I will definitely follow your advices in my next post. Also I like the way you emphasize on some words that you made bolt. Maybe you could vary more with colors to stress important parts.
    You made me curious to read more about your interview so that I am also looking forward to your next post. It will be interesting to see how you will deal with the structure of reporting an interview. If you will do it like a role play or more like a summary of what Larissa said. 🙂

  4. Excellent post and comments! I love the “know how” of an experience blogger (or whatever), because it translates the very formal advice you find on support pages into things I can do. For instance, I’ve not thought about the length of a post too much, except to lighten your burden (keep it short and sweet, so you don’t spend forever); for myself, I go as long as my topic recommends. But now that I think about it, I could probably improve things by following this advice: I’d have to be more direct, get to the essentials, and cut out my usual bla-bla-bla. Maybe I’ve learned something here (but the proof is in the pudding, speaking of which: it’s time for chocolate!) Great that you have an eye to balancing all sorts of different information. I also like the design a lot!

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