Cars and Money are not important anymore

„Do you want a car? An Audi?“ „No!“ „A Porsche?“ „No, thanks“ …  lately that conversion took place at a Roland Berger Consultancy office in Germany. A car was offered to on of the consultancies Junior Partners but he returned the offer. “They don’t need no cars, they use public transportation or bikes. What they want is social responsibility and Life Quality.” Martin Wittig, CEO of Roland Berger insists. The Roland Berger Office in Berlin is the fastest growing office all over Germany even though the consultancy doesn’t have any project in Berlin. Financial Times Germany beliefs: “Something has changed; the questions stayed the same only the answered have changed.”

What is most important in life?

According to Magnus Graf Lambsdorff, Partner at Egon Zehnder International, more and more young people search for reasons in life: “Less young people search for material things.” Financial Times add: “The importance of own decisions is growing. That includes that they don’t want give up their whole social life for work.” Currently we can observe a change in society. While material things, money and job positions become less important many young people search for freedom, life quality and a satisfying private life.

Huge selection for job starters

When graduates start to work in their first companies they often find old structures and mountains of work without fun. “If a young employee does not like his work he just searches for another employer.” Jutta Rump from the FH Ludwigsburg noted. The selection for job starters is big enough; especially for the IT and Technical sectors of the economy. What does that mean for employers?

What does that mean for employers?

Employers have to change their way of thinking. It’s not the company that chooses the employee; it’s the employee who chooses the company. Lately Siemens, the IT-Giant, pointed out: “We as an employer have to put effort on getting the young talents!” At the moment the development in many companies are not very far. In times where fathers stay at home to raise their children there aren’t enough part time concepts. FTD states: “Every third would like to work at home, part time or take a break.” The study: “Life and work in Germany” showed there is “a lot of space for improvement for working time accounts or part time solutions.”

We can conclude that employers defiantly have to jump on the train and have to adapt to the current situation. “Otherwise they will lose their best employees” Kathrin Menges, board member of Henkel says.

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