Candy-Sandy took over America

What has Spongebob`s hamster in common with a monster that fears the United States?

Sandy – pretty sweet name. Also the name for Spongebob`s hamster. So, why on earth got a 50 mph fast, devastating and frightening beast the name Sandy?

Whatever, the name isn`t important. But the hurricane is. Please, before you read my post, think about what you know about the hurricane. If, for any instance, you didn`t hear a thing, I`ll give you the main facts:

  • expected to be the strongest hurricane in the last 40 years
  • hit the east coast of the united states (Atlantic City) on monday night
  • millions of people were evacuated
  • big panic through all radio stations worldwide

Those were the main information. Result: about 100 dead americans, damages reached  ca. 20 billions of dollars. Moreover the president elections which are coming up soon, were influenced. Windows couldn`t present their newest software either. WHAT A PITTY!

But do you want to know more about Sandy? DO you want to know what my actual point of this blog is?


You may ask why and I answer with Jamaica and Cuba. While the whole world focused and prayed on/for almighty America, two little, little islands struggled and suffered bitterly – from what? Might be your next question. “Hurricane Sandy” would be my response.

Those weak and unregarded countries were slammed by a hurricane, called Sandy, with wind-force 2. What was Hurricane Sandy`s wind force when it hit the east coasts of the states? It was 1. How big is Jamaica and how big are the States?!? The effects of a hurricane named Sandy for those 2 countries were completely different. Last week the number of victims was 17 dead’s in the States vs. 21 dead’s in Jamaica and Cuba.

This week, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung and the half-time score is: 110 dead americans vs. ca. 69 victims on the carribean island. Sounds ridiculous but just compare the amount of inhabitants per square meter of these two countrys. A reason for the high death-rate in the carribean sea is the economic weakness which leads to instable homes and not enough money for preparations against those nature catastrophes. As Kathleen Tierney at the University of Colorado puts it:

“The reasons for this are fairly clear — poorer communities have less resources to evacuate and prepare for storms, and also live in housing that’s less likely to be build to withstand nature’s wrath.”

And we all know how much weaker the economy of the carribean islands is, lately after the eartquake from 2 years ago…

Last week, one of my fellow students, Florian, posted another interesting article on his facebook page, which exhorts us to overthink our behavior.

Read the whole article on:


Although the rate of hurricane victims is in proportional terms higher in Jamaica than in the states, everyone was evacuated, warned and helped out in the states. Every country in the world sent it`s deepest condolences to the states wherever neither one  knew  nor cared about Cuba, Jamaica or Haiti. The worldpress Agency `pressenca`threw a very provocative statement about this topic on its webpage. If my blog caught at least a bit of your interest, you will not regret to read that article:

“Who Cares About 1.8 Million Haitians Hit by Sandy – They Do Not Vote in US Elections!”

I think this heading is very provocative and therefore also very captivative. The writer claims that no one cares about the residents of Haiti because they don`t play an important role in the world`s affairs. What is world affair momentarily? Obviously the american elections…

Another blog of the voluntary helper, Arianne Pingledis, describes how bad Haiti is suffering from Sandy. In her article is nothing left to be added-just sad facts. Click here .

This little example depicts perfectly the priorities in our society. We are like animals. Protect the strongest first, only then we`ll survive. We need to concede that  we do not treat all countries the same way.

We do not disclaim the catastrophe, but knowing and ignoring it – that’s the real crime!

    One World, HA HA HA

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